Cynthia has been dabbling in the composing world since she & writing partner Annmarie Cullen penned the theme song for ABC’s “Food for Thought with Claire Thomas”.  Recently she has been scoring for short films & documentaries.  Click the links below to discover her abilities in this new & exciting medium!

Composing examples:

Moods (no dialogue) – (short film)
View this 10-minute short film and hear Cynthia’s take on this “love lost” theme.

Enter Stage Four – (Documentary by Erica Brookhart)
Cynthia contributed original music to this heartfelt story of two friends, and their battle with Cancer.

Trap Door – (short film) Kitschy horror flick, note Cynthia’s take on suspense and scary noises!

Food For Thought with Claire Thomas – ABC (theme song)
Written & composed for this TV cooking show, which ran for two consecutive years on ABC.

La La La – (NBC animation pitch) Writer’s Cullen_Catania take a stab at a quirky animation cartoon for NBC. The series did not get picked up, but this remains a favourite of the writing team.  Composed by Cynthia.

Coming Soon!
Generation Zapped – (Documentary, Fall 2017) End Credit Song, composed for this film.

Breakable – (short film by Barry Papick)  Credits:  Accepted into the Canadian World Film Festival, 2017
Preview unavailable, original music composed by Cynthia.


updated June 2017